Gran Turismo Sport is certainly being targeted towards one audience, and that audience is eSports.

Providing a new trailer just days before E3, Polyphony Digital has spared no expense in regards to the graphics.

The new trailer shows off new features that’ll be found within the game. The game allows you to build an identity and connect with friends, create and share designs, as well as Gran Turismo Sport LIVE.

Weekly finals will be broadcast live for gamers to watch, and the last portion of the trailer showcases tournaments that use peripherals similar to that of an actual car. It’s kind of like Nascar, without the danger of actually dying.

On top of social systems and easily accessible tournaments, the game offers a “New Era of Photography”, where you can continue to take in game shots of the cars. Engineered to perfection, the trailer comes out at a perfect time. The world has it’s eyes on E3, and the companies are certainly representing this year.

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