PlatinumGames is responsible for some of the best action titles in modern gaming. And it seems the developer isn’t stopping anytime soon. In an interview with GameCentral, Platinum co-founder Hideki Kamiya hints that he is interested in developing sequels to Bayonetta 2 and Okami.

Following the premiere of a lengthy demo at Microsoft’s E3 conference for the developer’s next game, Scalebound, Kamiya mentions Platinum’s previous games. Specifically he says he’s aware that some fans preferred Bayonetta’s hairstyle from the original game, compared to the sequel, and that he would take that into consideration when developing the next title in the series.

When questioned further, he also states that he has been thinking about plans for a sequel to Okami as well. While Platinum didn’t develop Okami, much of its core team came from Okami developer Clover Studios.

Kamiya explains he has not talked about these games to any publishers as of yet and that most of planning has been mostly brainstorming.

The interviewer goes on to mention an interview with Kamiya at last year’s Gamescom, where he said that he was planing a meeting with Jun Takeuchi at Capcom. Kamiya does not go into great detail about what he and Mr. Takeuchi discussed, but he does state that Takeuchi is interested in collaborating with Kamiya in the future. He then proceeds to point to his shirt, which features a wolf.

Kamiya even goes as far as to state he is trying to steal Phil Spencer’s gimmick of wearing t-shirts to hint at future games. Though the wolf is not Amaterasu from Okami, the implication is clear nonetheless.

Even though nothing is set in stone, these can be seen as very clear clues as to what PlatinumGames might be possibly working on in the near future.

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