Managing to out due themselves from last year’s E3, Guerrilla gave fans a massive new look at Horizon Zero Dawn, including everything from new enemies to dialogue options.

Everything about the demo feels more in tune with the RPG leanings the developer has promised are a large part of the game. It kicks off with Aloy fighting a croup of new crab-like robots, hoping to collect resources. Running away, she then comes across a person in trouble. Helping him, we get the first look at the dialogue system of the game. The menu has slots for quests, inventory, skills, map, and crafting.

The demo then goes on to include a look at the map, riding a mount, taking on a massive boss, and using elemental weapons.

As we learn more about Horizon Zero Dawn and everything Sony has in store for the years to come, you’ll find it right here on Gamespresso.

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