Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Xbox One exclusive, Halo 5: Guardians, would be making its way to PC, in a similar way that numerous other Xbox One console exclusives have.

However, Microsoft has now made it clear that this is not the case.

“Our approach is to deliver epic Halo experiences designed for PC gamers and Windows 10, such as Halo Wars 2 and the recently announced Halo 5: Forge,” a Microsoft representative told PC Gamer. “There are no plans to port Halo 5: Guardians to PC.”

Those looking for a new and exciting Halo experience can look forward to hearing more information about Halo Wars 2 in Microsoft’s E3 press conference which is scheduled for Monday, June 13th at 9:30 a.m. PT. The show is going to be “special” according to Microsoft.

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