The Mighty No. 9 saga continues.

This time around, players who backed the game when it first launched on Kickstarter were promised keys for downloadable content that included Retro Hero DLC and Ray DLC. However, distribution of the codes is not going nearly as smooth as it should be.

Multiple Steam users have reported that they have received two keys for the Retro Hero pack, and none for the Ray pack.

Along the same lines, some PlayStation 4 users are reporting that their codes come back as invalid on the Playstation Network (that is, if the received codes at all).

The good news is the team is aware of the problem, taking to Twitter to let fans know that a fix is on the way.

“Hey Mighties! We have informed Humble Bundle about the issues regarding some of the DLC keys and their team is looking into it!” the game’s official Twitter wrote.

Earlier this week, developer Comcept wrote in a blog post: “Please note that for some platforms there is a bit of time lag between the release of the game in store and the time when the codes become effective. If it doesn’t work right away, please wait a little and try again. This is issue is most likely to occur on PS platforms, and will depend on local store policies.”

Mighty No. 9 released earlier this week to less than stellar reviews, but still hasn’t arrived on Xbox 360.

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