When a title has sold one million copies it is usually a significant feat, one the developers should be proud of achieving. Now pretend you are a developer at Mojang and you help create the world changing sandbox game, Minecraft. Imagine the feeling you must have when you realize your game has just sold 100 million copies.

Of course Mojang and everyone on the staff were extremely proud of this accomplishment, and felt the need to share it on their website. Some interesting facts came along with it. For one, Minecraft was purchased in every country and territory in the world, including Antartica. Also, if everyone who had purchased the game formed a country, it would be the 12 most populated country in the world. Since 2016, Minecraft has sold approximately 53,000 copies a day.

Mojang has a new “Friendly Update” coming to the mobile and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft at some point in the near future. As this gigantic game continues to move forward, it will be amazing to see how many sales numbers it can break.

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