In what is possibly one of the biggest overlooked pieces of news to come out during Microsoft’s E3 conference was the ‘Friendly update’ for Minecraft. The update will allow players from various platforms to play together including the Pocket editions on iOS and Android, the Gear VR version and the Windows 10 version. On top of this announcement was the Minecraft Realms service will also provide dedicated server support to allow players to share their servers with everyone.

The notion of cross-platform play between VR headsets, phones and windows devices is exciting because of the applications that now exist thanks to Minecraft pushing a method forward. In a sense, such interconnectivity will allow for a more unified experience between gamers and their families and friends. Available as of yesterday, Xbox Live Account users can try out Minecraft Realms for free in order to access this feature between the mentioned devices.

The last little slice of information given was the news that in the next couple of months, an update will provide players with new textures that completely changes certain characteristics of the game, such as turning zombies into aliens and other features that will be shown later.

This might not be too much of a change for non Pocket Edition and Windows 10 users, but it’s a major step towards a unified Minecraft experience for every platform.


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