A recent tweet by Nintendo of Europe might be hinting at some more Mario Kart 8 DLC. The tweet, which can be found below, states “Good things come to those who wait,” along with a picture of a Mario Kart 64 stage, Kalamari Desert. The Wii U title doesn’t have the stage Kalamari Desert, meaning that the stage might be included in a new DLC pack.

It’s also quite possible the stage might be added on for free as an update. The last DLC pack was released over a year ago, on April 23rd, 2015. If there’s any addition of content to Mario Kart 8, the quote would apply well for those waiting for some more tracks.

Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter account has also been known to post tweets just for larks. A similar tweet they posted was referencing a meme, along with a small jab at one of its Fire Emblem titles.

Do you think this tweet marks new content for Mario Kart 8 fans? Or could this just be another joke tweet? Sound off in the comments!

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