Nintendo won’t be showing off the NX at E3 this year, and it’s also likely we won’t see the console any time soon. Thanks to a new report however, we now might have more details as to why.

A source, speaking with Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes, claims the Nintendo NX has received roughly a 6-month production delay from Mid 2016 to early 2017. Explaining the move, Digitimes notes that Nintendo is now planning to add VR functionality to the NX, a move likely triggered in response to the multitude of VR headsets currently on the market or coming soon. The source also points to the Nintendo NX combining the experience of console gaming with that of mobile gaming. Reportedly, it will feature a 5- to 7-inch display, along with a controller and joystick to be used as a mobile gaming platform. But it is also able to connect to a TV.

While the report could confirm other previous rumors about the NX, the source has yet to be confirmed, meaning this is still rumor and speculation.

More than that, the report also claims that Nintendo has reduced its initial order of 20 million consoles to just 10 million. While this could be attributed to a variety different reasons, the source claims the cut was due to a shrinking console market.

Even if we won’t be hearing anything concrete about the NX this month, Nintendo has confirmed that the next entry in the cult favorite Legend Of Zelda franchise will be their frontrunner, and only playable game, this E3. We will have more on this story as it evolves.

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