Despite multiple rumors, the upcoming Nintendo NX likely will not be restricted to digital titles.

The news was confirmed by video game retailer GameStop during a recent earnings call.

“It will have physical media, we will play a role in it, our pre-owned businesses will also play a role,” said CEO Paul Raines of the NX. “So we’re excited about that.”

It has been suspected for the better part of the year that the NX will do away with discs – while other rumors have suggested the console could go back to cartridge-based games, something that wouldn’t affect the retailer.

“The only difference would be on the refurbishment and pre-owned side,” said Mike Mauler, the president of GameStop International. “And actually, cartridges are much simpler to refurbish and repackage. So there is somewhat a little bit of an advantage if it went in that direction.”

“And of course we love Nintendo IP,” Raines added. “So it’s all good news.”

Despite planning to release the Nintendo NX in March 2017, the company decided not to show off the console at this year’s E3 conference, instead choosing to go all in on the upcoming Legend of Zelda title that will release simultaneously for the Wii U and NX.

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