Overwatch originally planned to release the Competitive Play mode in mid-to-late June, alongside the first major update.

After a response came from theOverwatch Twitter, stating competitive play would not arrive until July, many fans were understandably upset. This was an unfortunate typo however, the mode actually still scheduled for June. Delivering the good news via the same Overwatch twitter page:


Competitive Play was available during the Overwatch beta but was held back from launch to allow Blizzard time to introduce some fixes and adjustments to the mode.

The reason for competitive play being removed was glossed over by the developers during the release date Q&A video. “The feedback we were seeing was a little bit critical of some of the decisions we made, we really took that to heart,” Jeff Kaplan explained.

Changes coming to Competitive Play may include increasing the length of seasons to more than just one month and reducing the frequency of sudden death, plus other smaller changes that have yet to be confirmed.

Are you glad to hear the delay wasn’t real? Are you looking forward to jumping into competitive play and seeing how you stack up against he rest of the Overwatch players out there? Let us know in the comments below.

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