After Blizzard introduced the new, ranked Competitive Play mode in the Overwatch PTR, details have been coming in about just how the game mode is set up. Along with information on the Golden Weapons players can unlock, and even how the mode will be changing going forward, one of the most interesting pieces of information surrounds how Blizzard is going to deal with quitters.

While Quick Play will punish players with a temporary 75% reduction in earned XP after they leave multiple games early, Competitive Play is tacking on a possible season-long (two-and-a-half month) ban from the game mode on top of that.

Surfacing on Reddit, a warning from Blizzard reads, “Repeatedly leaving games will result in a 75 [percent] penalty to XP earned. Additionally, you can be suspended from competitive play for increasing periods of time, up to receiving a ban for the entire season.”

As Overwatch Competitive Play is based on two teams competing through multiple rounds, its incredibly important that players stay the entire game. Games will actually stop if a player leaves.

Responding to the large amounts of feedback coming out of the PTR, Blizzard is already shortening match times, and looking at future changes for the coin-flip and sudden death mechanics for when Competitive Play officially releases this summer.

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