At long last, Overwatch has released the Competitive Mode that will bring blood, sweat, and tears to fans around the world. While it is ready now for PC gamers, those on consoles will have to wait until next week. This gives them a little bit more time to make their team with friends and build a strategy. It’s not a bad idea to look at some look either.

With the Competitive Mode finally here, that means the beginning of Season 1 on Overwatch. With that, players will have to not only play good, but have some swag as well. This means player icons and sprays. To make sure you are among those who obtain the Overwatch Season 1 icon and pray, you have to complete two tasks. First, you’ll have to play in Competitive Mode. Seems simple, but you have to reach level 25 in order to qualify. Considering how many hours have been logged into the hero shooter, I doubt that will be a problem for most.

Second, you’ll have to compete in 10 ranked matches before the season ends in August. Be careful with these matches though. The results might not have any bearing on gaining the Season 1 icon and spray, but they will determine your placement in the Overwatch competitive world. That’s it! After those two tasks are complete, you’ll have gained the icon and spray, showing Ilios, the Mediterranean city by the sea.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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