During the Nintendo E3 presentation today, the developers behind Pokemon Sun and Moon took the chance to show off the new games and explain the thought process behind some of the changes to the games.

“Sun is the source of a life, same for the Pokemon world. The Moon too,” they explained. Taking place in the more natural, tropical-inspired Alola region, the game itself is more focused on the idea of ‘life.’ Its a theme that runs through the entire game.

Even while the Alola region is isolated, fan-favorite Pokemon will return, along with all new Pokemon, like the three starters. There’s Rowlet, a small owl, Litten, a fiery cat, and Popplio, a seal-like Pokemon. From the beginning, all three were designed specifically to be cute. Everything about them, from their basic appearance to their animations during battle are meant to be adorable and relatable for the player. The developers put a lot of time into making sure there was at least one that players would immediately find familiar.

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