The Division’s first major DLC release, Underground, got a new launch trailer today.

Underground is available for Xbox One and PC players today, taking place in the underground subway system of New York City. The DLC adds a new incursion, titled Dragon’s Nest, pitting you against the Cleaners in Hell’s Kitchen.

Additionally, Underground adds four new gear sets:

  • B.L.I.N.D., which adds an improved Pulse skill and flashbangs.
  • DeadEYE, which enhances long-range firepower with critical strikes and accurate headshots.
  • FireCrest, which lets you set enemies ablaze.
  • Reclaimer, an “ultimate support set” with the power to boost your entire group.

The Division is also receiving update 1.3 which brings with it a whole host of bug fixes, a new Base of Operations extension called the Terminal, and Heroic Mode and Challenge Mode difficulty levels for select missions.  Additionally, the game is receiving the following changes:

  • A new Dark Zone bracket for players with 231+ Gear Score.
  • Level 30 players will now only encounter level 30 or higher enemy NPCs in Free Roam.
  • Matchmaking and fast-travel into no-respawn areas.
  • The High-Risk High-Value Targets have had their rewards and difficulty adjusted to take into account the Gear Score increase.
  • Added a base weapon damage value that makes it easier to compare weapons.

Underground is available now on Xbox One and PC and will be available on PS4 on August 2nd.

Source: Ubisoft

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