Star Wars Battlefront has received a massive free update accompanying the latest DLC, Bespin. Players looking to purchase the latest DLC can look forward to enjoying five new maps based on Cloud City and the surrounding areas of the titular planet Bespin. But with or without purchasing the DLC, players can also look forward to a number of other changes.

The update that acompaines the DLC also raises the level capacity from 60 to 70 which unlocks two new costumes, Bespin wing guard for the Rebels and Shock Trooper for the Empire. Additionally, Palpatine’s and Leia’s honor guards have been cosmetically swaped with Royal Guards and Alderaan Guards.

Other imporvements from the update include a greater dependence on your in game partner with new mechanics, staying close to your partner will provide you with reduced cooldowns for all your Star Cards, enemies that kill your partner will have a red outline for a brief period, the distance to enemies that prevent spawning on partner has been reduced from 20m to 2m and other changes.

Full patch notes can be found at the Star Wars Battlefront EA website.

Along with the five new maps, the Bespin DLC also introduces two new weapons, the EE-4 and the X-8 Night Sniper, three new star cards, a new game mode called Sabotage and two new heroes, Lando Calrissian for the heroes and Dengar for villains.

In Sabotage, “The Empire are using Tibanna Gas Generators to power their tractor beams, preventing Rebel transports from escaping Cloud City. The Rebels must blow up the generators and defend their extraction point. The Empire must stop the Rebels and hunt them down.”

The DLC is out now for season pass holders, and will be available for everyone else starting July 5.

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