We can scrape together a few details about The Surge from it’s gameplay trailer at E3, but not much.

On top of the lack of details from the trailer, the website doesn’t look much better – but it does fill us in on what “The Surge” is, and what happened before the world started crumbling for humanity.

From the trailer, the narrator(and presumed main character), mentions The Surge a few times. He goes on later to ask if we are fighting for our future, or theirs, planting the seed of thought that he is questioning his own course of action.

The game is taking influence from Dark Souls, so we can assume that means the game itself will be tough as nails to beat. From the one document we have on the website, we know that the world fell into some sort of crisis before The Surge took over. CEO of CREO sends out a public statement to humanity regarding the environmental issues humanity is facing, and it turns out he’s on Twitter, too.

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