The Division update 1.3 introduced a number of weapon balance changes ranging from nerfs of the AUG, Vector, and M1A, to a buff for Assault Riles and Shotguns. Also included in the update was the G36 assault rifle that has quickly become a popular weapon due to its talents and high base damage. Ubisoft has expressed concerns about the weapon however, claiming that the weapon is more powerful than it should be.

Hamish Bode, developer for The Divison, responded to a post about the weapon on Reddit. “The G36 is a clear outlier in terms of base damage,” he says. “It will definitely not remain this way and I’ve attempted to make this as clear as possible, as early as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love using the G36 for now but that doesn’t make actually balancing it the ‘wrong answer.’”

Update 1.3 accompanied the Underground DLC, which added new incursions, armour, weapons and some new randomised ‘dungeons’ for players to fight through. Underground is currently available for PC and Xbox One right now, PlayStation 4 players will have to wait until August for it to become available.

Full patch notes for Update 1.3 and details on the Underground expansion can be found on The Division website.

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