Last summer, many gamers were busy spending their time refreshing Bethesda’s store page, waiting for the Pip-Boy Edition to not be sold out. Personally, I was lucky and was able to grab one within five minutes of their third wave being released. However, many other folks weren’t so lucky, stuck with a wrist that weighed approximately six pounds less than one with a Pip-Boy attached to it.

Those still looking to grab the Fallout universe’s iconic portable computer system are in luck, because ThinkGeek is selling their own version of the Pip-Boy. The Bethesda special edition version required a phone to be placed inside the Pip-Boy. ThinkGeek’s version is completely different in that aspect. Rather, it is a Bluetooth device that links to your phone.

While this means that you won’t be able to play Fallout Shelter on your wrist, it does mean that you’ll be graced with a U.I. built solely for the Bluetooth device. Each knob and button on the device actually has a function, allowing many to feel like the post-apocalyptic survivor that we all know is lying inside of every one of us.

The device will also have stereo speakers and the ability to make calls, possibly making it infinitely cooler than the Apple Watch, although just as infinitely more bulky. The device won’t be able to interface with Fallout 4, though, so those looking for that second screen functionality will have to stick to their phones.

Those more curious about ThinkGeek’s latest Fallout product can check it out here.

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