Total War: Warhammer has really helped change the way people see real time strategy games. Straying away from the historically accurate settings of the past, this title adds unique fantasy characters and settings, along with great gameplay to secure positive reception all around. It has only been released a month ago, but it doesn’t seem like this title will have a short lifespan.

The first update for Total War: Warhammer has launched today. With it are a number of small patches that should ensure smoother play for everyone around the globe. These include some added polish, new AI behavior, more stability, fixed minor gameplay issues, fix minored balancing issues, and more. It should be noted that this update does not address some problems that players have found in multiplayer. Creative Assembly wanted to point out that this is the first of many updates to come and more fixes are being tested for the future.

The latest graphics API, DX12 is also being beta tested live with the new update of Total War: Warhammer. Check out the information Creative Assembly provided to see how this will work on your computer. Also, look at the full list of patch notes to know exactly what is coming with update 1 for Total War: Warhammer. There is a lot to look over.

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