Uncharted 4 will not be getting a release date for its single-player DLC for quite some time, Naughty Dog revealed.

While the first real DLC was released for the PlayStation 4 exclusive today with new multiplayer updates, one developer from Naughty Dog hinted during a recent Twitch stream that “it will be a while” before the single-player add on content is released for the game, and added that details will come “as soon as [Naughty Dog is] able to give you more info.”

While the single-player content doesn’t appear to be coming anytime soon, the Lost Treasures DLC and Patch 1.08 were simultaneously released for the game today, bringing with it a new map (named Sunken Ruins), five new weapons, four new boosters, a new mythical, and more than 50 new Skins and Pre-Sets and 70 new Hat and Face Wear items.

Naughty Dog also introduced a character leveling system in the new patch, by earning XP which comes from three sources: completing matches, earning score, and earning medals.

“Naughty Dog has been floored by your reception to Uncharted 4 Multiplayer since it was released on May 10th. Since then, we’ve seen over 1.8 million people play nearing a total of almost 54 years of matches played, the developer wrote. “Multiplayer continues to be important to the team and we’re continuing to work on patch deployments to deliver improvements and gameplay tuning.”

For all of the details on Uncharted 4’s most recent update, check out the PlayStation Blog.

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