Warner Brother Interactive’s latest mobile offering, Batman: Arkham Underworld, is a top-down action game where players play as villains– against each other.

The lineup of playable characters includes some all-time fan favorites. Choosing between Harley Quinn, Killer Crock, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and Scarecrow, players will take the roll of a criminal mastermind and control these super-villains, making use of their unique abilities in combat. The abilities are mixed. Some are iconic, such as Scarecrow’s fear gas, gaseous teleport, chemical injections an scythe. Others are run-of-the-mill, like Killer Croc’s “smash” and “neck snap.” Still others are rather inspired: Harley Quinn, for instance, can summon two hyenas named Bud and Lou.

Players will further build a lair filled with traps, and recruit thugs to attack other players’ lairs. The game will feature story missions, a leveling system with increased abilities, and soon will feature a “Crime Syndicate” mode to cooperate with friends. The story appears to be set prior to the events of Arkham Asylum.

WBI has had success with the simplified, yet engaging, mobile versions of their Injustice and Mortal Kombat licenses. If these are any indication, Batman: Arkham Underworld is another solid addition to the lineup.

Batman: Arkham Underworld is free-to-play with in-game purchases available, and is live now on iPhone 5, iPad Mini 2, and iPad generation 3 and up.