A new update is coming to Doom tomorrow, and it will include a couple of new modes.

A new update is dropping for Doom on July 29th. In it, a few new modes are being released. The first is called “Exodus,” and is Doom’s take on Capture the Flag. Also being released is “Sector,” a new control mode.

Also coming in the update is a massive amount of content for SnapMap. Players can now mess around with a fully-customizable weapon-wheel, and can implement jump-pads into their creations. Also being added to SnapMap are the new Hell modules that will help give players an evil theme to their maps. There will also be a number of tweaks and changes being made to help make building more intuitive and fun.

Also announced was a double-XP weekend, starting on July 29th and lasting through July 31st.

Doom’s upcoming expansion, entitled Unto the Evil, will release on August 5th. The DLC pack will cost gamers $15, and will come with a number of additions to the game. There will be three new multiplayer maps, entitled Offering, Cataclysm, and Ritual. Also being added is a new weapon, new equipment, new customization options, and new hack modules. There will also be a new player-controlled demon, the Harvester.

Doom is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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