After continued problems with the PvP Crucible modes in Destiny, Iron Banner is settling back into its usual schedule, bringing another round of shiny loot drops to the Tower.

“It seems like we just saw Lord Saladin – after his return to the Tower after an unforeseen delay. With smoother sailing restored to the Crucible, he’s sticking to his schedule. An Iron Lord, after all, is defined by honor and discipline,” the developer says in the most recent This Week at Bungie post.

Beginning next week, Tuesday, July 19 at 10 AM PT, the no-holds-barred competitive playlist will run through Tuesday, July 26. The mode will once again be control.

Destiny Iron Banner

But of course, what use is a new round of Iron Banner without some loot to fight it out for? The PlayStation exclusive armor can be found above. When it comes to the general offerings though, next week will feature gauntlets, leg armor, sniper rifles, and pulse rifles, pictures of which can all be found below.

In the same post, Bungie revealed we will be seeing the first Rise of Iron stream next week. The new footage will debut at 10AM PT on Wednesday, July 20. Instead of showing any of the new areas just yet, the stream will focus on the changes coming to the world of Destiny that we already know and love.

Rise of Iron is the next expansion for Destiny and will release September 20. For all the news about the future of Destiny, keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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