Ubisoft continues to celebrate their 30th anniversary with a new free game each month, and as previously announced, Splinter Cell is now available to download for free for the month of July.

The game is available via PC only and you must have an active Ubisoft Club account in order to download the game. Other than that, you simply must traverse to the Ubi30 page on the company’s website, check the box and download the game that is yours for free to keep forever.

Splinter Cell was originally released in 2002 to critical acclaim and won the 2002 E3 official award for best action adventure game. The game was monumental for the company as it was the first major title to be completed by the Ubisoft Montreal development team, creating an unforgettable character.

Infiltrate terrorists’ positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and exit without a trace! You are Sam Fisher, a highly trained secret operative of the NSA’s secret arm: Third Echelon.

Ubisoft’s first free game was Prince of Persia during the month of June, but unfortunately is no longer available to download. The company will still have five more remaining games to download throughout the rest of the year.

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