In the hopes of reviving old classic Real Time Strategy games, Empires Apart will be released sometime in 2017. Announced on the Empires Apart blog, the team have been picked up by Slitherine Strategies, a company who is by no means a stranger to publishing strategy games. Their lineup include Warhammer40,000: Armageddon and Battle Academy.

The team at DESTINYbit have been working on the game since early last year and managed to pull out a trailer showcasing the game in pre-alpha:

Bringing in the familiar mechanic of ‘gather materials and build an army’ from old school RTS games, the game will have the player choose a civilization to do battle with. Each civilization will have to gather stone, wood, gold and food in order to amass their armies and fight enemies. In order to put itself out there as something much more unique, each civilization will have roles akin that benefit them in a team-based scenario. From there, each player chooses a ‘Variant’ for their civilization which will alter the play style and strengths of a civilization. There will also be a unique hero that players can choose from that will have their own strengths that can easily turn the tide of the war.

While the game won’t see release until next year, if you’re interested in the game, check out the rest of the game’s blog where you can see other mechanics and some interesting civilizations in action.

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