Of the many truths of the internet, one thing can be assured, nosy people will mill through any and all files for games in order to find hidden content. This time around, a twitter user by the name of TezFunz2 found scripts for Grand Theft Auto Online after the latest Cunning Stunts update and shared them on the GTA forums. These scripts mention garage mods and several bike missions:

  • am_mp_personal_mod_garage
  • gb_biker_bad_deal
  • gb_biker_initiation
  • gb_biker_joust
  • gb_biker_rescue_contact
  • gb_vehicle_export

It was noted that the ‘am_mp’ prefix in the first entry pertains to player ownership. This suggests that garages may be modded by the player in a later update. As for the ‘gb’ prefix, they are part of the VIP and CEO line of missions in the game. Suggesting future VIP/CEO missions will have 4 bike-related missions and one new non-bike vehicle mission.

While these scripts exists in the files of the game, it by no means confirms upcoming features and are purely speculation.

After the immense Cunning Stunts update earlier in the week, more content is expected to roll out by Rockstar in order to become more active in providing new content to Grand Theft Auto Online players. The Cunning Stunts update added in more cars, races, tracks and outfits. The Stunt Race Creator is still on its way, which will grant the player the ability to create their own races with the new tools provided in the Cunning Stunts update. The SRC is expected to be released in August 2nd.

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