The creative mind behind the Burnout series, Alex Ward, has announced via Twitter that his team at Three Fields Entertainment has begun work on a new racing game.

This untitled game will be the second game from Three Fields who broke off from Criterion, the studio behind the Burnout games. Their first game was Dangerous Golf for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC which was inspired by Burnout’s Crash mode. While the team behind Three Fields Entertainment is steeped in gaming pedigree, the studio is still an indie group with Dangerous Golf being funded via Kickstarter. There is no indication if the untitled racing game will be community- or privitely-funded yet.

There has not been any more information announced for the racing game  but there’s some speculation that this game will be a spiritual successor to Burnout 3: Takedown which was teased last year. It’s safe to assume however that this game will share a lot of themes with the Burnout series, which is an exercise in fun racing mechanics and popular crash modes. Themes are the only thing this game may share, as the rights to the franchise still belong to publisher EA, who hasn’t really done anything with it since.

There have been no confirmed platforms at time of writting.

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