While this isn’t a complete confirmation, more signs are showing that the PS4 Neo, the upgraded PS4 console, might be sold as early as this year.

GameStop CEO Paul Raines appeared on CNBC to discuss the craze that is Pokemon GO when he was asked about what consumers have to look forward to this holiday season, mentioning the NX. Raines stated that the NX wouldn’t be out until 2017, but also slipped out what would be coming this holiday season.

“Yes, there will be a new Nintendo console launch in March 2017,” Raines said. “But remember, there are two different form factors: a PS4 Neo and an Xbox One new slim version. So there will be some activity and upgrades, along with the VR.”

GameStop’s PR team has quickly tried to rectify this reveal in a statement made after the interview. “He did not give a reference as to the timing on when they would be launching,” GameStop PR says.

“Paul did not say that Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo hardware units would be coming for the holidays. The anchor was the one who referenced the holiday period,” GameStop’s director of corporate communications told GameSpot today. “Paul simply reminded him that there would be hardware upgrades coming–Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo. He did not give a reference as to the timing on when they would be launching.”

It’s already confirmed that the Xbox OneS will be released this holiday season, but Sony has yet to announce when it’s upgraded console will be released yet. However, all signs seem to be pointing to this holiday season, so we’ll only have time to tell whether this holds true or not.

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