Halo 5’s Forge mode is coming to PC, and while that’s a great idea for those that want to create and make their own content for Halo 5, a ton of new content will constantly be added to Forge. This can make sifting through content a bit tricky.

During Rooster Teeth’s RTX convention in Austin, Texas, Microsoft arrived to show off some of the future of Halo 5. Along with bringing Halo 5’s Forge tool to Windows 10, they’ll be bringing a Content Browser to the Xbox One version of Halo 5.

A picture of what the menu of the Content Browser looks like was posted up on Halo’s official Twitter handle. Originally, Halo 5’s Content Browser will be available only with the PC release of Forge, but will come to the Xbox One at a later date, which is not known at the time.

The PC release, titled Forge – Halo 5: Guardians Edition, will be available to those running Windows 10 for free. As stated on the official Xbox blog:

“Forge on the PC will finally give the mouse/keyboard editing precision the community has always been clamoring for. On top of that, an updated and optimized UI geared towards mouse interactions makes a lot of the inputs in Forge easier/faster than before.”

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