Titled ‘Death Suits You’, a new trailer for Mafia III was released days ago which shows off the lengths that Lincoln Clay, the protagonist for Mafia III will go through in order to exact revenge. The trailer shows a mob boss’s assassination at the hands of Lincoln Clay who had lost his family to a mass execution by the mafia.

While the trailer does not show any new gameplay details, it helps highlight a more grim and darker tone to the game. With the morose and somber funeral, to several cuts into Lincoln’s attack and constant cuts to Lincoln holding a picture of his family, the trailer shows a more brutal and distressing look at the world of Mafia III.

Lincoln Clay returned home to New Bordeaux from the Vietnam War to find out that his adopted family had been killed . Ever since then, Clay had been on a mission to take down the criminal underworld. More details and a better look at Clay in-game can be seen from the following video:

Mafia III is an open world shooter which will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC from October 7th. Pre-ordering Mafia III from Steam will give players three exclusive vehicles and weapons to use within the game.

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