Developer ArenaNet has released a trailer for the first episode of Guild Wars 2’s third season of Living World, entitled Out of the Shadows.

“Living World Season 3 episodes will release every 2-3 months,” ArenaNet explains. “We’ll bundle Living World episodes with the kind of content and updates we’ve been adding through our seasonal quarterly releases, but the frequency of releases may increase. Our goal is to deliver quality content on a sustainable cadence, so we can drive the story of Guild Wars 2 and open world gameplay forward while also supporting our other game modes.”

Living World Season 3 Episode 1, Out of the Shadows, will release on July 26th as a free update. You can check out the trailer for the upcoming episode of Living World below.

Those who have not purchased Guild Wars 2’s expansion Heart of Thorns, which is required in order to access Living World Season 3, can pick up the expansion for 50% off, starting today. Gamers can also pick up Living World Season 2 for 40% off between now and July 26th through the gem store.

Guild Wars 2 is available now on PC. Players will unlock each episode of Living Season for free by logging into the game at any time between the episode’s initial release, and the release of the next episode.

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