After a dramatic end to hit TV series Game of Thrones’ sixth season, the fans over at Microsoft’s hardware production wanted to pay tribute with this extraordinary looking limited edition Xbox One. This Game of Thrones themed Xbox One is limited to only 3 in existence, and will not be purchasable. Instead, they will be given through the various Xbox France social media channels. This includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

A similar promotion took place earlier in the year for the Iron Man special edition Xbox One. Similar to this promotion, there were only three ‘Stark Industries’ themed Xbox Ones to be given out and it was given out through Xbox France as well. The design was a lot tidier compared to the Game of Throne’s rings around the console to boot. Despite the impracticality of the console, it’s still pretty extravagant.

Unfortunately for the people beyond the waters, this special promotion will only be available through the the French division of Microsoft, so if you’re keen on picking one of these behemoth’s up, you best follow the above social media channels and be quite confident in your French.

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