As Blizzard made multiple announcements concerning Overwatch’s next patch, including the reveal of a new playable hero, the new changes went live in the game’s PTR (Public Test Region).

The PTR is hosting Overwatch with the next patch applied to it. Players can test the upcoming patch and leave feedback for Blizzard to consider. Ana, Overwatch’s newest hero, is available to play on the PTR along with upcoming changes planned for current heroes.

Anyone can participate in the PTR. All that is required to join the server is a account in good standing and a licensed Windows PC copy of Overwatch. For anyone that hasn’t participated in a PTR before, its important to note progress does not carry over to the main game.

Among the new balance changes, D.Va’s Ultimate cost has been reduced by fifteen percent, and she is no longer damaged by exploding her own mech-suit. Her Defense Matrix has also received a reworking, jumping from a ten second cooldown time to just one second. Zenyatta’s base shields have been increased by 50 to total 150, and the projectile speed of his orbs of harmony and discord have gotten a huge increase from 30 to 120. Other characters have received changes as well, and their patch notes can be found on the official PTR announcement page.

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