Discussions of a possible additional delay for No Man’s Sky just two weeks ahead of its release began last week after a company claimed developer Hello Games used a patented “super formula” for the game.

However, the game’s creator, Sean Murray, took to Twitter to deny that apparently the game is not facing any legal trouble, calling it a “non-story.”

“No Man’s Sky doesn’t actually use this ‘superformula’ thing or infringe a patent,” Murray wrote on Twitter. “This is a non-story… everybody chill.”

In some following tweets, Murray even invited those from the company to “meet and chat maths once the game is out.”

The company making the accusation, Genicap, has denied wanting to stop production of the game, but rather claims the formula was used without permission.

“There have been several sources and people (Sean Murray himself, among others) who have indicated more or less directly that the Superformula has been used,” said a Genicap spokesperson.

No Man’s Sky is scheduled to release on August 9th, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. In the mean time, if you’re still unsure of what exactly you do in the game, Sony has been outlining the big pillars of the game in the weeks leading up to the release. See how much you can explore, as well as the dangers of combat, and the excitement of trading.

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