Sony has revealed that gamers will need about sixty square feet of space in order to use the PlayStation VR.

According to a diagram on the PlayStation Asia site, the ideal Play Area is around 3 meters (9.8 feet) by 1.9 meters (6.2 feet), which is the range captured by the PlayStation Camera. The height of the Play Area will depend on where the camera is placed. It is also ideal for those using the PlayStation VR to be sitting as much as possible.

“Limit your use of PS VR to within the Play Area,” warns the advertising pamphlet, images of which were posted by Reddit user Shocker 187. It also states that players should “clear an area larger than the Play Area of all obstacles before using PS VR and remain seated whenever possible. If an application requires you to stand while wearing the VR headset, follow the application instructions carefully, and maintain awareness of your surroundings.”

PlayStation VR

At their E3 press conference earlier this year, Sony announced that at least 50 games will be available for the PlayStation VR between its release and the end of the year. Titles being released for the PS VR include a special version of Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil Biohazard, Batman Arkham VR, and Farpoint.

The PlayStation VR will release on October 13th. The headset will cost consumers $399.

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