As we’ve seen for the past couple of months, Overwatch is still continuing its rise of dominance in the online multiplayer world. Frankly, if it wasn’t for people catching Pokemon, Overwatch would be dominating the entire gaming industry. When a title is at such a high point, however, it can become difficult to maintain the status quo. It certainly doesn’t help if the game is hit with a bug that causes players to lose a lot of their hard earned progress.

It is unfortunately true, those who play Overwatch on the PS4 have hit a nasty glitch that is causing players to lose a number of in-game items and more. Everything from ranks, loot boxes, skins, and credits have vanished from players who have logged in many hours to earn them. What is even more hurtful is the amount of people who have lost credits that they bought with their real life cash.

At some point last week, Blizzard stated that the root of problem had been fixed and asked for PSN usernames, hopefully to get players back some of their progress. The issue, however, has not yet gone away. The latest update is that Sony is helping to fix the bug, because it seems to only be happening on the PS4.

Hopefully, we will all be updated soon with a patch to put an end to all of this and get back to safely playing Overwatch on PS4.

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