The ranked mode for Overwatch, Competitive Play, is now live on PlayStation 4. The mode is designed to give players a more serious experience by allowing them to track their progress, as well as rewarding players for their overall skill and teamwork. This comes after the game mode already went live on PC and Xbox One.

In order to unlock Competitive Play, players must first reach level 25. Once unlocked, they must then play a total of 10 placement matches before they are put in a rank where they can play against other players of the same skill level. Along with this patch, we also will see adjustments to both McCree and Widowmaker.

McCree saw a decrease to the amount of damage he does. According to the game’s developers, McCree was effective against the majority of the Overwatch cast. As a result, he became a must-pick for any given situation. To offset the decrease to his overall damage, his reload speed has been decreased. His recent nerf has caused other heroes to become more viable in the game’s current meta.

Widowmaker also saw a decrease in damage, as well as adjustments to her ultimate and scope animation. The developers noted that Widowmaker can be hard to deal with in the right hands. As a result, the damage to her alternate fire was weakened for body shot damage, while head shot damage remained unchanged. Changes to her Ultimate were also made to limit the frequency at which it becomes available.

Overwatch’s Competitive Play is now available for all versions of the game.

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