Zenyatta may be the next hero on Blizzard’s list to see adjustments. In a recent Overwatch Tournament hosted by Alienware, Zenyatta became one of the few never-used heroes to appear on the weekly tournament tier list. The hero has fallen on the lower end of the list since his nerf back during the game’s beta, and his higher skill cap compared to other support heroes has only caused him to be a less desirable pick for players overall.

According to a post on the Overwatch official forums, game director, Jeff Kaplan was asked how he felt about the current state of the hero and the role that he plays in the game at this time. Kaplan replied to this post by saying:

“We’ve been talking about him. We wanted to see how the Widowmaker and McCree balance changes played out before making any changes. We’re exploring some options right now. Nothing more to report at this time.”

With the recent adjustments to heroes such as Widowmaker and McCree, as well as the addition of Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode, we have seen many changes happen to the game since it’s initial launch in May. We are most likely going to see some improvements to Zenyatta in the future.

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