Pokémon Go has officially started its launch, but only in a few particular regions.

The augmented reality game from Nintendo, developed by Niantic, Inc., designed for your mobile phone, is now able to be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, but only if you live in Australia and New Zealand at this time.

No details or official comment have come from Nintendo as to when the game will be available in other regions of the world. The public beta for the game recently ended on June 30th, leading this to be a surprise release for many.

The Wall Street Journal reports that The Pokémon Company says “please wait for a while” for an official release in Japan and the United States.

Pokémon Go is a free to download application that will allow you to catch various Pokémon based on your actual location in the world via augmented reality. The game, while technically free-to-play, will contain micro-transactions ranging from $.99 – $99 that will be detailed in the future.

An optional wristband device called the Pokémon Go Plus is available for $34.99 and will alert you when Pokémon are nearby without having to look at your phone. This device is expected to release sometime in July.

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