Those who are caught cheating in Pokemon GO will be banned.

According to reports on Reddit, those who are caught cheating in Pokemon GO will be subjected to a soft ban. The ban can last anywhere from one to three hours. Once banned, players will lose much of the functionality of the app. This includes not being able to collect items from PokeStops and not being able to battle or claim gyms. Players will also be unable to catch Pokemon, as every Pokemon, regardless of CP, will run away when a Poke Ball is thrown.

The most common method of cheating being reported is GPS spoofing. This is where a player makes their device think they are somewhere they are not. Some players have been using this method to hold Gyms from a distance, or to travel and collect Pokemon without ever leaving their homes.

A wearable device, the Pokemon GO Plus, is expected to be released for the app sometime in July. The device allows players to interact with the app without having to pull out their phones. The device will vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby, and allows players to collect Poke Balls, berries, eggs, and other items at PokeStops without having to look at their phones. Unfortunately, the device is already sold out at retailers, and is going for over $100 0n eBay.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android devices.

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