A new amusement park management game titled Rollercoaster Dreams will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on October 13th.

The game, coming from developer Bimboosoft, not only allows you to create your own amusement parks, but gives you the opportunity to play in parks made by yourself, your friends and by players from all around the world.

While the game is coming to both console and VR, Bimboosoft’s president Hirofumi Hattori recommends experiencing the game in VR due to the realism players can experience with the sights and sounds of being in your own park.

“Although you can play Rollercoaster Dreams in VR and with a regular display, I strongly recommend you play it with PlayStation VR,” Hattori said. “The feeling of entering into the world of the game is incredible. It’s a revolution in gaming, similar to when games made the leap from sprites to polygons. I’m fortunate to be involved with this revolution, and looking forward to playing other games with PlayStation VR.”

Hattori revealed its more than just the visuals that make it a unique experience, but also the sounds, thanks to the use of 3D virtual surround sound allowing you to recognize where various sounds are coming from.

“I thought it would be impossible to generate sound positions with headphones, but I was surprised to learn that we recognize sound position by differences in sound timing, not the sound wave direction,” he said. “The virtual surround sound enhances the realistic sensation of the amusement parks in Rollercoaster Dreams.”

PSVR and Rollercoaster Dreams will be available on October 13th.

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