While it’s already generated plenty of fans during its time in Steam Early Access, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is finally getting an official release. A 4-player co-op hack-and-slash game based on Rooster Teeth’s popular anime webseries, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse launches July 5.

The full release includes “new levels, new characters, new enemies, persistent characters, a whole slew of improvements, along with several other goodies we’ll leave for you to discover,” Rooster Teeth teases in an announcement on the game’s Steam page. July 5 will also finally see the full story become available in game.

“Once we hit full release, our team will continue to support the game and our awesome community. Don’t you worry, we have plans for new content and characters. We’ve had more than a couple requests for team JNPR [another set of four characters from the show].”

The full release will also see the price increase to $25. As of right now however, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, you can pick up RWBY: Grimm Eclipse for only $10. The deal ends July 4.

Rooster Teeth’s annual convention, RTX, is running in Austin this weekend (July 1-3), allowing attendees to play the new content early.

The anime webseries wrapped up its third season earlier this year and recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray. You can find the full show over on Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel.

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