An update for Terraria on Xbox One has caused the game’s multiplayer to break. However, single-player and local multiplayer are not affected and can be played without issue.

A hot fix for the problem is currently on its way and is expected to arrive early next week, according to a forum post made by Deanzor, a developer for the game.

“As you may be aware, we discovered a serious error in Xbox One online multiplayer earlier this week.” Deanzor said. “This has now been fixed and tested, and, huge thanks to Microsoft, a new patch is on a fast track to certification. Once approved, we’ll be able to share the release date. We expect to be able to give you this information early next week.”

The company initially reported the issue on their official Twitter account:

“We are sorry to confirm that a serious issue exists in the Xbox One Terraria update that was published 6th July 2016, version KTCP-20160531,” 505 said. “Online multiplayer is broken, and players should avoid trying to use that game mode for now.”

“Be assured that we are working on fixing this currently and we will get a fix out as soon as practical. We’ll continue to keep you informed via these channels,” 505 said as their closing statement.

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