While BlazBlue does not have the world recognition of other fighting games, such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Super Smash Bros, it does have a large cult following. Those who are fans of the fast paced 2D fighter are as loyal as any fans out there. With that in mind, it seems strange that they would be given the cold shoulder when trying to get answers about the latest installment, BlazBlue Central Fiction.

One of the features that has players coming back to the series is the high quality of the english dubs. BlazBlue Central Fiction has been released in Japanese arcades since last November. It is slated to come over to North America this Fall. With that in mind, why has there been no talk about an english dub? Fans have reached out to figure out the answer, but have received nothing positive in the process. Both Patrick Seitz, who voices male protagonist Ragna the Bloodedge, and Cristina Vee, who voices female protagonist Noel Vermillion, have tweeting about not being approached for an english dub for Central Fiction.

Perhaps if enough loyal BlazBlue fans get together and raise awareness of this situation, developers Arc System Works will get down to making the english dub happen. In the meantime, get yours tweets out there and make it happen.

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