Two new trailers for the upcoming expansion for Rainbow Six Siege have been released. The new expansion titled Operation Skull Rain will include a new map which will be free to all players, Two BOPE operators, and over 50 new improvements to the game. This trailer gives players a taste of what they can expect for this upcoming expansion.

The second trailer shows the two new Brazilian operators that will be added into the game. Like all operators in the game, Capitão and Caveira will come with their own set of skills and equipment that will introduce a new way for players to experience to game. Capitão can use his crossbow to disorient enemies, while Caveira can interrogate them to provide useful information for her allies. The trailer also breaks down the new map that will be added to the game. The Favela map is designed to keep players on the move and to train them to be aware of their surroundings.

The Operation Skull Rain expansion is free to all season pass holders. If you do not currently own the season pass, you will be able to get the new characters on August 9th if you have enough in-game currency. The new map as well as the other features will be free for all players and launches on August 2nd.

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