The Crysis series often set the bar for gaming graphics when the games first released. Even high-end gaming PC’s had issues running the games on medium graphics settings, requiring the most dedicated PC gamers to see the game in its full graphical glory. While gaming graphics have since surpassed the Crysis series released, the game’s combat generally held the game up to be somewhat serviceable.

EA has recently revealed that they’ll be adding all of the Crysis trilogy to Origins Access Vault, although when is a matter of waiting. The publisher stated only that the titles will be added “soon.” The Crysis trilogy will then be followed up by Plants vs. Zombies, Jade Empire, Mini Metro, and SimCity 2000.

As well, EA has already announced that Plants Vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare will be added on August 30th, so it’s most likely that the Crysis series will be added sometime after that.

An Origin Access subscription costs $4.99 for a month or $29.99 for the year, which is now finally looking to be a good deal with the number of games it now has under its belt. As well as the unlimited playtime with any game in the Origins Access program, players also receive 10% off any EA purchase, as well as early access to a number of demos for EA’s games.

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