Destiny is an ever-evolving beast of a game. And nothing is more exciting about that evolution than new loot to fight for. More than just adding new guns and gear, Destiny: Rise of Iron is introducing a few new ways for guardians to satisfy their loot-needs.

Revealed via Game Informer, Destiny: Rise of Iron will allow players to get new Iron Engrams, along with Radiant Treasures. First off, Iron Engrams will work much like Legacy Engrams from Xür, unlocking guns and gear from Year 1 and Year 2 of the game. They will be available for purchase from Lord Saladin.

Then Radiant Treasures will work much like the Sterling Treasure Chests added in the April Update earlier this year. Available through in-game missions or through the microtransaction Eververse Trading Post, Radiant Treasures will include, among other things, new visual customization options for exotic weapons. While customization options for the Zhalo Supercell, Invective, Telesto, MIDA Multi-Tool, and a new weapon, the Khvostov, are named specifically, it is likely more will be included.

Eververse will also be selling new items. Along with emotes, it seems players will be able to purchase artifacts with different camera filters. Likely targeted at anyone who likes to take screenshots or share videos of their time in Destiny, the artifacts will change the color tones of the game. One called the Golden Age Lens adds a sepia tint, for instance.

Destiny: Rise of Iron arrives September 20 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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