For some time now, gamers have been patiently, or maybe not so patiently, awaiting for the arrival of the Xbox Scorpio and the PlayStation Neo. Both of these devices are said to be enhanced versions of the already existing Xbox One and PS4, respectively. These new consoles will be able to feature true 4K gaming and much more. At high price marks, are they really worth it. One important CCO from EA seems to think so.

IGN recently spoke with EA executive and former Microsoft executive, Peter Moore. Being a long time veteran of the gaming industry, they thought he might share his thoughts on the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo. So, when asked if he though they would be good for this industry, he responded, “Absolutely.” Moore went on to say, “”I think Sony and Microsoft have done this incredibly well. They have taken what they needed to do whether it’s 4K… to keep the platform fresh for technology that’s moving faster than the archaic nature of a 10-year piece of hardware cycle.”

Moore also noted that this could extend hardware life and stray away from the typical hardware launches of the past. While this is technically true, gamers will still be paying the price of a new console, which is something to factor in. We will have to wait and see how everything plays out for EA and the rest of the industry when the Scorpio and Neo are finally released.

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