Starting today, Rockstar Games is giving GTA Online players a little extra incentive to jump into Freemode. The lobby-free collection of impromptu events in GTA Online, Freemode will offer Double GTA$ and RP from now until Thursday, September 1.

Rockstar first added Freemode events around this time last year. They involve free-form challenges and competitions like King of the Castle, which sees players compete over a specific territory, and Hot Property, which sees players race and compete to hold on to a certain brief case the longest. During ‘Freemode Week,’ all of the events, expect for Time Trials, will offer the bonus GTA$ and RP.

Not satisfied to leave the festivities there however, Rockstar is also offering discounts on select vehicles, upgrades, and weapons. On the vehicle side of things, this includes 25% off the Vapid FMJ, 50% off the Karin Sultan RS Upgrade, 50% off Car Bombs, and 25% off respays. As for weapons, the discounts include 50% off all Pistols and Body Armor, and 25% off all SMGs and Assault Rifles.

GTA Online Freemode Week

And finally, this week also sees another Premium Stunt race in Rally. First place will get GTA$100,000, second place will get GTA$30,000, and third place will get GTA$20,000. And all competitors will be awarded triple RP.

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